Motorcycle Bag History

   Balenciaga 2001-2002

Balenciaga 2001 Le Dix Flat Brass Lariat Motorcycle First Bags

Year of Prototypes & First Season (F/W '01) Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag History

Three (3) Leather Types with "Flat Brass" Hardware:

1. "Pebbled" leather - thick and structured, naturally pebbled caribou (carabou)

Balenciaga Pebbled Leather

2. "Smooth" leather - extremely soft and buttery, smooth nappa leather (cuir)

Balenciaga Smooth Leather

3. "Arena" leather - flawless and precious, silky soft aniline goatskin (chèvre)

Balenciaga Arena Leather

Year of Prototypes & 1st Season (F/W '01) Colors & Leathers Found with "Flat Brass" Hardware:

Black Pebbled
Balenciaga Black Pebbled Leather
Black Smooth
Balenciaga Black Smooth Leather
Black Arena
Balenciaga Black Arena Leather
Olive Arena
Balenciaga Olive Arena Leather
Navy Arena
Balenciaga Navy Arena Leather
Chocolate Pebbled
Balenciaga Chocolate Pebbled Leather
Chocolate Smooth
Balenciaga Chocolate Smooth Leather
Chocolate Arena
Balenciaga Chocolate Arena Leather
Caramel Arena
Balenciaga Caramel Arena Leather
Black/Navy Fabric
Balenciaga Navy Fabric Black Leather
Burgundy Pebbled
Balenciaga Burgundy Pebbled Leather
Plum Smooth
Balenciaga Plum Smooth Leather
Rouge Smooth
Balenciaga Rouge Smooth Leather
Vachetta/Stripe Fabric
Balenciaga Vachetta Leather Black/White Stripe Fabric
'01 Stripe Lariat Moto
Balenciaga 2001 Stripe FBF

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