Motorcycle Bag History

   Balenciaga 2001-2002

Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2002 Third Season Moto-Bags

Balenciaga Third Season (F/W '02) of Motorcycle Bag History & Evolution

Three (3) Leather Types & Two (2) Hardware Options:

1. "Moto-tough Arena" leather - glossy and distressed, goatskin (chèvre) with "Flat Brass" Hardware

Balenciaga 2002 F/W Moto-tough Arena Leather

2. "Monk" leather - thick, waxed and distressed leather with "Pewter" (shown) & "Multi-zip" Hardware

Balenciaga 2002 F/W Monk Leather

3. "Suede" leather - thick and velvety soft, calfskin (veau) with "Pewter" & "Multi-zip" (shown) Hardware

Balenciaga 2002 F/W Multi-zip Suede Leather

3rd season (F/W '02) Colors in "Moto-tough Arena" Leather with "Flat Brass" Hardware or "Monk" and "Suede" Leather with "Pewter" and "Multi-zip" Hardware:

Black Arena
Balenciaga Black Moto-tough Arena Leather
Olive Arena
Balenciaga Olive Moto-tough Arena Leather
Black Monk
Balenciaga Black Monk Leather
Black Suede
Balenciaga Black Suede Leather
Burgundy Suede
Balenciaga Burgundy Suede Leather
Chocolate Arena
Balenciaga Chocolate Moto-tough Arena Leather
Caramel Arena
Balenciaga Caramel Moto-tough Arena Leather
Brown Monk
Balenciaga Brown Monk Leather
Brown Suede
Balenciaga Brown Suede Leather
Beige Suede
Balenciaga Multi-zip Beige Suede Leather

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