Condition Ratings

Each item is examined and evaluated with extra attention given to the handles, corners, interior and exterior. Each item listing gives a detailed description of its condition and photos of the areas that may typically show signs of wear. Please note that leather is a natural product that may show characteristic marks that were part of the animal and will develop a rich patina from exposure to air and contact with human skin that enhances its natural beauty.

Pristine Condition
5 out of 5 hearts
5 of 5 hearts Like new without signs of use or wear.

4.5 out of 5 hearts
4.5 of 5 hearts Almost new with only faint signs of handling or storage.
Pampered Condition
4 out of 5 hearts
4 of 5 hearts Very gently used with minor signs of wear overall. Flaws are visible upon close inspection, but not obvious from an arm's length away.

3.5 out of 5 hearts
3.5 of 5 hearts Gently used with moderate signs of wear overall. Flaws are visible at an arm's length, but not significant.
Pre-Loved Condition
3 out of 5 hearts
3 of 5 hearts Significant signs of wear overall showing plenty of previous love.

2.5 out of 5 hearts
2.5 of 5 hearts Major signs of wear and tear overall for a lived-in look with character.

Real Deal Collection makes every effort to show items as accurately as possible and depict or describe any imperfections. Please note color variations occur due to different screens. We will gladly provide additional photos, upon request.

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